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Bulk Ordering

All animals are sold as hanging weight. The hanging weight is the weight prior to cut and deboning.

We are currently selling our organic beef at $5.20/lb hanging weight. This is an all-inclusive price (all cut, wrap, and delivery). We sell quarters, halves, and whole beef.

We offer FREE delivery in most Western Washington counties. Please call at 360-708-3292 to verify.

Hanging Weight Quarter Half Whole
Average 150-200 300-350 600-700
Price per lb. $5.20 $5.20 $5.20

 Note: Equal quarters must be equally alike. Which means if you order a 1/4 beef you will be receiving 1/8 of the fore quarter and 1/8 of the hind quarter. This is called a mix quarter.

Also available are individual Rib Steaks, New York, and Offal. Please call for availability.

Below is a guideline you may use to determine what cuts you commonly use and the variation of pieces received for a quarter beef. Please keep in mind that this will vary due to the thickness of steaks and size of roasts you request. You may be interested in different cuts such as NY Strip and Tenderloins. If so some of the cuts listed below would be deleted and maybe adding more ground beef. It is your choice.

List of what you could get in a quarter

20-30 lbs of Ground Beef
2 or 3 Chuck Roast
1 Rib Roast or 5-8 Rib Steaks
1 Brisket
4 1lb packs of Stew Meat
2 2lb Packs of Short ribs
2 3lb each London Broil
2-3 Bottom Round Roast
1-2 Eye Round Roast
1-2 Rump Roast
5-7 Sirloin Steak
5-8 T-bone Steak
1-2 Porterhouse steak

If you need assistance, please call Tarie at 360-708-3292.

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