Our Herd

All our animals are born and raised on the farm. We sustain all of our pasture by properly rotating the animals on the grass for the maximum nutrition needed for growth. We produce all our own feed, so you can be assured that the animals are taking in all certified-organic feed of the highest quality.

In the spring, all our animals are moved to what we call “greener” pastures east of Sedro-Woolley. The animals forage here for the summer in peaceful surroundings. All our animals spend their entire life on the farm, getting the best grazing and benefits from the most nutritious grass.

Our priority is the humane treatment and care of our animals. Being Organic Certified promotes our mission for granting the animals a safe, secure, and sustainable environment. Our goal is to provide a calm setting for all the animals for a back-to-nature appeal. Nature’s way is the best way: stress free!