About Us


4th generation family farm

Our farm is entirely run by the two of us, Tarie and Lonn Benson. In the beginning we started raising dairy-replacement heifers. Both of us were working full time, Lonn as a timber faller and Tarie in the insurance business, taking care of the herd early mornings and late evenings. After our son graduated in 2002, he joined the US Navy and we switched to beef cattle. We purchased our first heifer calf from our neighbor Mrs. Mower, quit our full-time jobs, and started farming full-time. At that time we registered with the WSDA Organic program.

So we are not new to the organic industry. We are dedicated to providing the best quality product for our customers. We consider ourselves stewards of the land, continuing the preservation of a sustainable and humane environment for all.

We are proud to say that we are participants in the Washington State Backyard Sanctuary and the National Wildlife Federation for Certification as a Wildlife Habitat. We provide the four basic Habitat elements needed for Wildlife to thrive. Not only do we take care of our animals we take care of “all ” animals.

Tarie and Lonn


our history

Nestled along the Skagit River, our 165-acre farm was purchased in 1894 by Lonn’s great-grandparents Sam and Nettie Benson. Sam Benson was a foreman for the county and raised working mules for land clearing and road building. When Sam suddenly passed in 1932, grandpa Irv Benson, son of Sam and Nettie, took over the farm.

Irv worked for Union Oil Company delivering stove oil by horse and buggy to customers of the valley while he got a dairy herd started on the farm. Irv and Myrtle ran Bensons Dairy farm until 1965, when they sold out and retired from Union Oil Co.

Now that Irv had the full-time farm life, he decided to raise beef. In 1995 Lonn and I had the opportunity to carry on the Benson tradition of farming our beautiful ranch and continue to use the same practices as our family before us.